Swimming lessons for kids and adults now available in english!

Now it’s easier than ever to learn swimming. Availabe for kids and adults, starting with minimum age of 18 months everyone can learn the passion for water theached  only with  modern techniques of calm and breathings tehniques by Andrei Cozariuc, personal swimming trainer.

If you're here, I admire you!

Your curiosity about swimming is what I'm looking for and I would like to show you a new and modern way of learning how to swim with me. If you already know how to swim and you want to improve your style we can do this together by applying the knowledges I have learned in my past 25 years of swimming pro athlete and further studies I had at the National School of Trainers and at the University of Sports Science.

Andrei CozariucQualified swimming trainer

Swimming lessons

Beginner? With me you can gain the passion for water and you can learn how to swim correctly

Be a Pro

For children who want to refine their swimming style and participate in competitions

Grup Lessons

Join 3 friends and receive a group offer. Book now and come swimming with your best friends


Come swim with me at least once a week and you’ll have a new attitude a  new healthier lifestyle


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    Learn how to breathe in the water with Andrei